Gerashchenko commented on the investigation to NAB


Gerashchenko not worried about open towards his production.

MP of Ukraine, member of the Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko commented on the investigation of NABOO into his possible illegal enrichment.

As transfers the Internet-edition , in the commentary Gerashchenko said that the NAB was obliged to open criminal proceedings according to the decision of the court in the appeal of the journalist.

“This was reported by a journalist by the name Bigus. He conducted the investigation that, in his opinion, me and my family enough money to rent an apartment…He went to court, and the court ordered the NAB to open production”, – said the MP.

He stressed that he is not worried in connection with the opening of the criminal proceedings, because the “clean before the law.”

Earlier it was reported that NAB has opened a criminal case on the fact of possible illicit enrichment of Anton Gerashchenko.A criminal proceeding was registered on 6 Sep by part 34 of article 368-2 (illicit enrichment) of the Criminal code.

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