The new material will help to create the fastest spacecraft


In the United States figured out how 60 minutes to get to Mars.

Scientists from Caltech announced that has developed a unique nanomaterial, which is light and at the same time strength. In theory you can make the fastest spacecraft, reports citing .

The unit would be able to develop 20% of the speed of light (60 thousand km/s). This far exceeds the characteristics of the modern movement of the probes. To create the hull of a ship would be fine silicon and silicon dioxide. The first material would provide the basis for the solar sail, and the latter can prevent overheating of the probe.

The speed of the machine would be on Mars within the next hour, and on the moon for fifteen minutes. However, to achieve these indicators it is necessary to ensure an instant start, which is impossible with current technologies.Scientists have said that has not yet cemented his theory on the strength of the material in practice. If the characteristics are true, humanity will be one step closer to the conquest of space.

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