Scientists predict devastating megatsunami


Humanity can avoid serious problems.

The cause of the accident will be the melting of glaciers. This statement was made by the staff of the University of Washington in Tacoma in USA.

This writes with reference to Science Alert.

Scientists predict devastating megatsunami like the one that occurred in 2015 in the Southeast Alaska. Then there was a landslide due to the melting of glacier Tyndall in Taan fjord and provoked the appearance of waves with a height of 182 meters. Since 1961 in the Northern hemisphere of Earth is rapidly decreasing the permafrost layer. This leads scientists to sad thoughts.

Experts are convinced that humanity can avoid serious problems. Nature put in place the presumptuous people. Soon on the Blue planet formed a mega-tsunami due to global warming. The Earth is constantly increasing average temperature. Scientists call this activity of mankind. The exhaust emissions of vehicles, emissions of industrial enterprises pollute the environment and the ozone layer thinner. This has led to global warming, melting glaciers and may fail megatsunami.

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