Scientists have found a unique omnivorous shark


Previously it was thought that it is exclusively carnivorous predators.

Scientists have discovered the first planet omnivorous shark. As food to her, among other things, are perfect even algae, writes with reference to

It malogolovy hammer-fish. Otherwise it is called a shark with a shovel. Its size is relatively small, and it inhabits in the coastal waters adjacent to the American continent. As it turned out, the quality of the food her ideal meat and plants.

What in the stomachs malogolovy hammer-fish were a lot of algae, it was no secret in the past. Experts believed that these predators eat plants by mistake when hunt for squid, crabs and other food. Therefore, no nutritional value, they are not responsible for them.

Recent studies have shown that it is not. For them they used sea grass that grows in Florida Bay. The experiment involved five sharks-shovels.

AI was asked to “diet”. The food of the sharks had only 10% of squid. Everything else was weeds. After three weeks, the sharks have demonstrated an increase in their weight.

Before the study, plant foods marked with special markers. Their traces were found in liver and blood “experimental”. Consequently, their body to successfully digest the algae.Scientists came to the conclusion that malogolovy hammer-fish have the ability to digest more than half of the organic matter, which contains sea grass. Thus, for the first time the shark shows its omnivorous.

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