Scientists have described how artificial meat will change the world


Synthesized meat can be the solution to many problems.

Recently published an article by researchers of the British Institute of Adam Smith, devoted to faux meat, which caused a noticeable reaction from the scientists of the whole world. And for good reason, reports citing .

On the one hand, the man, according to academic science, simply cannot exist without animal protein. And no matter how proved otherwise vegetarians of all stripes and genres, the fact remains that mankind is not ready yet (neither physically nor morally) to give up meat.

However, progress in this respect still is, if you consider that in ancient times people did not disdain (and didn’t even see anything wrong) cannibalism, and today he is even forbidden to eat human primates (new Zealand). However, along with this massively slaughtered for meat dolphins (Denmark, Japan), dogs and many other animals that in their intellectual development even surpass primates.

On the other hand, modern farming gives you up to 20 percent of greenhouse gases that leads to global warming and environmental catastrophe on a planetary scale. And that’s without taking into account the fact that for livestock production in the world is used up to 90 percent of agricultural land (in the UK up to 99 percent, according to the aforementioned article), which, moreover, apply various chemical fertilizers, as well bringing a huge harm to the environment.

Synthesized meat stated in the article, is the way of the salvation of mankind, and, as from the point of view of ethics (to eat something being immoral), so in a direct physical sense, because the animal (more rapidly growing) clearly leads our planet to environmental disaster. What prevents to solve this problem?

Outset that the article is such an encouraging and can say, simply fantastic is the fact that today a hamburger from lab meat does not exceed at the price of 8 pounds, whereas just five years ago, the cost of such quantity of synthesized animal protein reached 200 thousand pounds. And imagine what will happen in another 5 years?

It would seem that you can celebrate, it is a true technological revolution! But… not everything is as simple as it seems scientist. In reality, there are several problems:

– first, you have not yet created an authentic factory texture of meat without something to promote artificial animal protein virtually useless. However, scientists hope that in the coming years this problem will be solved;

– secondly, the cost of production of artificial meat are still too high and require a lot of power, the development of which is again related directly to the environment;

– finally (which can be a major obstacle in addressing this issue), against this will certainly be the cattlemen of the world such as USA, Mongolia and so on.The main conclusion published by the Adam Smith article is that the benefits of factory meat are huge, and as the economic and environmental, and ethical. Therefore, sooner or later, it will appear on the shelves of grocery stores and supermarkets. Another thing, as quickly and painlessly will happen to our society. And here different views and forecasts of many…

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