Scientists explained the importance of emotions in dogs


Pets actively copy the state of master, and can heal from depression if necessary, the researchers said.

Quite a common thing for dog lovers was unexpected empathic facial expression beloved dog in a situation when the owner is upset or scared. Scientists explained the meaning and importance of the emotions of dogs, writes with reference to

Even the scientific community now recognizes that dogs have a response to the reaction of people – even if scientists can’t directly measure what they are experiencing. People have had close contact with domestic dogs for centuries. In his 1764 the philosopher and philosopher Voltaire said: “it seems that nature has given the dog to man for his defense and for his pleasure. All the animals are the most faithful: it is a man’s best friend”.

In fact, the survey of 975 adults owning dogs, showed that in times of emotional stress most people are more likely to turn to their dogs than to their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, best friends or children. No wonder dogs are currently the most commonly used animals in therapy.

The friars used increasingly as participants in the various programs of mental health – many communication, happy associations and unconditional love. But the official initiation of therapy using animals as a rule, connected with the second world war when a Yorkshire Terrier named smoky accompanied corporal William Lynn when visiting the hospitals in New Guinea.

Her presence raises the morale of wounded soldiers. Despite all this, only in 1960-ies it was the first documentary study of a dog working as a “co-therapist”. American psychotherapist Boris Levinson argued that the presence of his dogs added a “new dimension of child psychotherapy.”

Despite opposition from peers, Levinson strongly defended the use of dogs as therapeutic tools. But while there is no doubt that dogs understand very well, unfortunately, the reverse is not always true. A classic example of this is when someone got into a little “accident” in the house and the dog owners think their pet looks guilty.

But for the dog in question, this view is pure subjection and sposobom to say “don’t hurt me” and not an admission of guilt. People find it very difficult to convince himself that a dog’s brain is not able to understand the concepts of right and wrong, but without this ability it is impossible to feel guilty. Dog that looks guilty, just afraid of your reaction to the situation – usually based on past experience.Some of the major difficulties that occur between dogs and their owners caused by the human inability to correctly read body language of your pet. Combine that with the human idea that dogs understand abstract concepts and can use the mind on complex issues, and the scene is set for problems. Even if dogs and people are not quite understand each other, each species is necessary for the well-being of another, and we can help each other be happier and healthier.

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