Scientists are alarmed by melting glaciers in Tibet


Tibetan glaciers melting at a catastrophic speed

The expedition, organized by the Academy of Sciences of China, found that warming in Tibet is a rate two times higher than the world average. The increase in average temperatures have led not only to the melting glaciers: on the 16% reduction in the permafrost area of the highlands, writes with reference to

The melt water has formed over the past 50 years 155 new lakes. Scientists will continue to explore the impact of global warming on the fragile eco-balance of Tibet: launched in July 2017 expedition will last 10 years. A lot of work.

In particular, it is necessary to verify the accuracy of many ecoprogresso of this land. For example, earlier environmentalists said that 90% of the glaciers of Tibet are prone to melting, many of them will disappear by 2030.The main culprit named winds blowing in spring and summer with India. They carry with them huge amounts of greenhouse gases, and most importantly – the coal dust that settles on the ice, and heated under the sun, provokes him melting.

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