Nuclear submarine of the UK has changed the location


The submarine arrived in the Mediterranean sea.

Attack nuclear submarine Navy HMS Talent entered the Strait of Gibraltar on Saturday, September 8, and is moored at the British naval base “Gibraltar”, reports citing .

According to the report, the arrival of the submarine previously planned.

Finding boats in the port disturbed the organization of the “Environmental act.” As noted in the organization, the nuclear submarine moored in 100 m near the cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, which is a risk for its passengers.

Environmentalists said they planned to notify the crew and passengers of a vehicle via e-mail. According to representatives of the organization, a British submarine can be a threat, because that’s happened to her accidents in the past. Environmental experts agree that the safest would be for the cruise ship to leave port.Submarine HMS Talent type Trafalgar was commissioned in may 1990. Submarines of this type – multipurpose missile and torpedo. They can reach speeds of 32 knots (59 km/h). Their length is of 85.4 m, a width of 9.8 m.

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