NASA showed a sand storm on Mars


Panorama of the red planet took Curiosity Rover.

NASA released a panoramic video of the surface of Mars, which made Mars Rover Curiosity. In a video posted on the Agency’s website, you can see not only the surface of the red planet, but the dust that settled on the Rover during a sand storm, writes with reference to.

The Rover was able to remove the changes in the Martian atmosphere during a storm. In addition, the video can be seen also the Rover itself and the impact that had on him a storm.

In the background you can also see the next target the Rover – the region of Stoer, which was named after the Scottish city, in lake sediments which had made discoveries concerning life in the distant past of the Earth.Sand storm covered Mars may 30, and soon acquired a global character. She was the reason, NASA experts had to translate the Rover Opportunity in crisis mode. Since then, the Agency has not been able to communicate with the Rover, but the storm began to subside, indicating that soon it can resume its supply of energy.

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