Many Apple gadgets may soon become more expensive


This is due to the trade war between the US and China

Trade war between USA and China soon, perhaps, will affect millions of ordinary consumers in more clearly than they think, writes with reference to

Apple appealed to the Trade representation of the United States with a letter in which, among other things, said that the new duty on goods worth 200 billion dollars that the United States can apply to China, will lead to higher prices for products of Cupertino giant.

In particular, more expensive Apple watch, AirPods headphones, Mac mini, stylus Pencil, as well as many other goods. Apple says that all these actions will eventually manifest themselves as an additional tax for residents of the United States. The company asks the government to reconsider these measures and work to find other ways to make the economy stronger.It is also worth noting that Donald trump talked about expanding the duties to the amount of 267 billion dollars.

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