In Sweden parliamentary elections


Held before the election the polls showed a dramatic popularity of the ruling at the present time the Social democratic party.

In Sweden Sunday, 9 September, parliamentary elections are held. Polling stations opened at 9:00 and work until 21:00 (Kyiv time – ed.), transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

To participate in voting attended by about 7.3 million have the right to vote of citizens of Sweden.

Held before the election the polls showed a significant popularity at this moment the ruling Social democratic party (about 25%). The center-right coalition Moderate party, supported by about 17%.

At the same time, sociologists point to the significant drop in the level of support for the social Democrats and the population, compared to the results four years ago. If the 2014 elections the ruling party received 31% of votes, this time she predicts no more than 25%.

At the same time over the past few years in Sweden have risen significantly in the rankings right populist political strength of the Swedish Democrats (they are supported by more than 17% of respondents). Not primarily economic factors, and the discontent of the citizens of the migration policy of the government led to increase of their popularity.

In 2015 Sweden with 10 million people received about 160 thousand asylum seekers. In the calculation of the number of population is the highest among the countries-EU members. Then it was reported that Sweden introduces border control due to the influx of refugees.

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