In Poland passed anti-Ukrainian rally


Next was about a rally against a rally.

On Saturday, 8 September, in Wroclaw, Poland passed the previously announced anti-Ukrainian rally. The organizers said that because of Ukrainians in Poland raise my rent and buy housing. And also that it is not directed against people, but against “stupid anti-Polish migration policy”.

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As reported by “the Country” eyewitnesses, the rally in the Central square came not more than a dozen people. Speaking, they reported discrimination, because the Ukrainians “earn more and everywhere heard not Polish, but Ukrainian speech”.

At the rally handed out leaflets which pointed out that in Wroclaw with population of just over 600 thousand people, there are about 60 thousand Ukrainians (about 10% of the city). It said that because of the influx of Ukrainians are rising prices for rental housing, and the poles lose their jobs. The organizers of the rally urged to say “no” to economic migration and to boycott firms that recruit Ukrainians.Thus next to was going to rally against the rally, which attracted about 25 people. People were holding posters with inscriptions that “nationalism is not patriotism” and wondered worsen the poles working abroad, the state of Affairs in Germany and France. There were no clashes.

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