In Kiev will again raise the prices for journey in minibuses


The increase in prices for journey in minibuses it is possible.

At the moment there is information about what the price of journey in minibuses to Kiev will be more expensive for a few hryvnia. A certain price until no one calls, but experts believe that the ticket price will be not less than 10 hryvnia.

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According to representatives of the public, the increase in prices for journey in minibuses it is possible, because the price of fuel has increased, spare parts.

Although the head of the municipal transport Sergey Satyr argues that the cost of transport services for residents of Kiev will not increase the upper limit of 8 hryvnia, even when the price for 1 liter of gasoline will be equal to 35 UAH.In social networks the news about the coming increase in travel users perceived negatively. The mass of comments and statements just “cut” sotsresurs. People are outraged: after raising fares to force Kyiv to empty their pockets to zero, but winter is approaching, and payment of utility tariffs.

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