In German, the restaurant refused to come with children


The proprietor does not want to see children up to 14 years.

Rudolf Markl – owner of the restaurant OMA’s Küche (“grandma’s kitchen”) in the German town of Ostseebad Binz is so tired of disobedient children and their tantrums, forbade them to go to his restaurant after five o’clock in the evening, reports quoting .

He’s even a sign out front put, to know that his school is open in the evenings for adults only. Of course, it immediately came under a barrage of criticism.

“At one point I came to the understanding that more can not continue. We are not here to raise children, and to guests to serve,” he said of his decision Rudolph.

According to Markle the last few years he suffered from the behavior of naughty children. They stripped from the tables, tablecloths, beat glasses, jumping at the feet of the waiters, Krasnoselsk food. And their parents just smiled or even ignored the behavior of their children. The boiling point came when some children broke a decoration in a restaurant, including antique picture frames.

Bernhard Franke, acting head of the Federal office for fighting discrimination, said that the decision of Rudolph to deny services to children under the age of 14 is legally doubtful. Franke argues that the owners of establishments should have a serious reason not to allow some categories of people in the restaurant. And noise, disturbing other visitors, definitely not sufficient.

But the owner of “Grandma’s kitchen” said that this is a forced measure, not to punish children, but to teach the ignorant parents that their children are not able to control or not. Markle added that he sees his restaurant as an oasis of tranquility for guests, but it was impossible, when the institution was running and screaming children.

Rudolph the decision has caused controversy in the German media. Someone called it discrimination, but the Rudolph admits that its guests have appreciated this move.

Rudolph is not the first restaurant owner who forbids the children in the entrance to his establishment. In 2017, after numerous complaints of regular customers the restaurant owner in North Carolina has banned parents with children under five years of age to come in his place.

Pascal Caruso calls his restaurant “quiet, stylish and comfortable.” Crying, screaming, playing in the tablet on full volume children that disturb other visitors in this picture do not fit. So Pascal and adopted policies of the institution “without children of up to five years.” Although the owner of the restaurant accused of discrimination, the visitors became more, and regular customers stopped to go in the middle of dinner and complaining about noisy children.Public indignation was aroused and the British Bob Higginson. He immediately opened the restaurant, where it is impossible to come with children under 12, but you can with dogs. The reasons are the same: children can not behave myself, and the institution created to ensure that people could safely come, have a mug of foam and “talk for life”.

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