In Egypt, opened to visit one of the ancient tombs


The tomb is considered the most beautiful.

The ceremony of visiting the cemetery, where is buried the official dynasty V dynasty, who lived four and a half thousand years ago, will be opened by the Minister of the monuments of Egypt, Khaled al-Anani.

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Under the Cairo show restored one of the oldest tombs in the country of the pyramids in the area of the necropolis Sakkra. The first burial was discovered in 1865, Francois Mariet interested in the history of Egypt.

This tomb is considered the most beautiful because its walls are painted with colorful pictures which show the life of ancient people. They can see the baking of bread, manufacture of papyrus, the hunt, sacrifices to the gods, the harvest and so on. For a long time the tomb has remained unrestored. After the repair for the first time to visit this place will be on 8 September. In the tomb made artificial lighting, painting protected with a special transparent screens. Through them we can see images, but those images are not possible.

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