In Denmark figured out how to resist interference in elections


The government developed a special plan.

The Danish government announced Friday that it had developed a plan of action to protivodeistvia foreign influence in the next parliamentary elections, reports citing .

The plan was presented by defense Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen, the justice Minister Soren Pape Poulsen and Minister for foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen, The Local reports.

According to the government, there is a serious risk that a foreign government may try to influence elections to be held no later than June 2019. The government said that Denmark is taking steps to deal with possible interference.

According to the Ministers developed the action plan includes a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring a democratic process.

Among the initiatives is the inclusion of foreign influence on elections, the criminal code of Denmark. In addition, the government stated that convenes all nine political parties represented in the Parliament, representatives of the Danish media, as well as representatives of social networks for formal discussion of the risks of foreign influence.

The Ministers stated that the government is concerned that foreign hackers can attempt to hack the voting system in Denmark. Denmark is more concerned about attempts to spread lies and influence public opinion before the election.

“It could be a lie or misinformation intended to cause harm to the democratic process,” said Frederiksen.

The government action plan foresees the establishment of a working group that will work in the framework of the ministries of foreign Affairs, defence and justice, and focus solely on the threat of foreign influence.Frederiksen said that these efforts are a response to significant Russian interference in elections in the United States and France.

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