Experts told, what gadgets are most often used by business people


Businessmen don’t chase trends.

Android devices make up about 80% of the market, and it’s no longer a secret. However, in different industries, this figure could change, and he has serious disagreements with the General trend in the field of business.

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Company Egnyte, which deals with data storage and service business, analyzed 18 petabytes of native data and came to the obvious conclusion. Now the serious business is dominated by Apple. Indeed, 79% of all activity in the business sector are using Apple devices, while 21% went to Android devices.

Here is the list of the most popular devices in business:

iPhone 7
iPhone 6s
iPad Air 2
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6

You can see, businessmen are not looking for trends and use their devices for many years. The data analysis began with 2017, then the iPhone X has not even been submitted, so since he had all the chances to get on the list.

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