Double-Decker bus damaged the historic building in London


Destroyed part of the stained glass Windows made in 1625.

Early Thursday morning a double-Decker entered the window of a building on the strand, London survived the Great fire in 1666, reports citing .

At 04:00 on the Avenue the strand the accident occurred with a great deal of material damage: the double-Decker route 341, EN route to the first route in the change, went to the empty sidewalk and crashed into the facade of the building that survived the Great fire of 1666 and the London Blitz in 1940.

The affected premises is a restaurant, the Wig and Pen and the owners announced a partial “deadweight losses” of the original glass facade with stained glass patterns that were manufactured in 1625.The restaurant owners believe it is completely the old building will be restored in a few months, not weeks. Local residents believe the incident was a shame the pub has resisted an avalanche of fire that raged in London four days, and before the carpet bombing by German aircraft, but collapsed due to the collision with the regular bus which in the streets in the strand hundreds.

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