Conspiracy theorists said that on Mars the people live


The last time such bold statements are increasingly common.

Experts in the universal theme note that absolutely all of the stories about the achievements of people in terms of space exploration – fiction. Conspiracy theorists believe that any video and photo of the space stations no, there is not even the ISS. People just show the hologram reported, citing .

Some experts actually suggest that NASA and other space agencies are hiding from mankind the true information about space. Data about the Universe, according to them, much more. What purpose hiding the achievements of the inhabitants of the Earth?

A group of ufologists believed that people had to live on Mars and the moon, but hiding it. Leading corporations of the planet long mined on Mars useful resources. Also the elite has established contacts with alien beings. From time to time humans will visit Earth to see the lives of people.Of course, in such contrary thoughts ufologists hard to believe. Every time the experts find all the new confirmation of his thoughts, moreover, quite plausible.

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