Named the most stolen cars in Ukraine


Lada and ZAZ top.

Insurers care about your money and examine what cars are most stolen from their clients. AUTO-Consulting complements these studies.

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According to the insurers (resource “Alstromeria”), the probability of car theft depends on several factors:

• Presence alarm, anti-theft system;

• The popularity of machines and the need for its spare parts;

• The age of the vehicle;

• A system for a steering wheel lock.

This confirms the TOP 10 brands of stolen cars:
1. Lada;
2. ZAZ;
3. Toyota;
4. Mercedes;
5. Chevrolet;
6. Mitsubishi;
7. BMW;
8. Honda;
9. Lexus;
10. Land Rover.

The most stolen cars usually are those models which are easily lost in the traffic. That is why the ranking of stolen cars you will not find a Maserati, Lamborghini, and other manufacturers of luxury cars. Besides, they sold much less and too small to be ranked.

Also not to mention that the advanced age of the car does not always reduce the probability of theft. According to statistics, stolen vehicles, models produced in the ‘ 90s, or early 2000s, enjoyed considerable popularity, due to the high needs in detail.

Lada and ZAZ, who heads the rating, not only meet in multiple points in the probability of hijacking, but have “aggravating circumstances”. This – cars affordable, and their anti-theft protection, the owners are usually spent at a minimum. In addition, this mass model, therefore, most of these brands take the car for parts. The list of the most stolen in Ukraine of premium brands of cars looks like this:

1. Lexus;
2. Range-Rover;
3. BMW X5 and X6;
4. Acura;
5. Mercedes;
6. Porsche.

Usually the cars of these brands are stolen for resale abroad, such as Russia, or Eastern Europe.

Oddly enough, but often enough a factor that may reduce the likelihood of car theft is its color. The fact that cars with bright or exclusive painting is much more noticeable in the transport stream, which means that they are easier to remember witnesses, or to detect to the police.

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