In the Ukrainian army appeared American machinery


The truck is equipped with a special crane.

In the Ukrainian army are armed with American wrecking machine GMC TopKick. One of them took part in the military parade dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine, reports citing .

Medium duty truck GMC TopKick with four-wheel drive 4×4 and double cab appeared in 1980-m to year. It relates to the trucks of the 7th grade. Its production continued until 2009. He had several options, including bus and truck.

According to the cab service with the Ukrainian army stands TopKick second generation, produced in the years 1990-2009. In the line of its engines includes two petrol units (a 7.4 l and 8.1 l) and two diesel (6.6 l 7.2 l). What engines are used in trucks, supplied the Ukrainian army is not known.

Emergency GMC TopKick has a special body superstructure, and a hydraulic crane with a lifting capacity up to 3 tons. Ie, this truck is designed for mechanized infantry units. With the tanks it is, alas, can not cope. But to lift a small car to replace his wheel is possible. It is also possible loading of light vehicles on a tow truck.How much Ukraine has received a trucks GMC TopKick – not reported. I don’t think very much. But we’re sure they’ll come in handy.

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