Experts told about popular cars on the “EuroBLECH”


The list of available cars in the European rooms.

Trade cars on “euromarch” reached a new level. The largest Ukrainian sites created for them a separate sections to choose “affordable car” will not “disturb” the cars on the Ukrainian check with their high prices, reports citing .

By the end of summer, the so-called” “EuroBLECH” occupy 19% of the secondary market. That is, every 5-th BU-shny car in August was already on the “euromarch”.

Not surprisingly, sales of Ukrainian car registration have ceased to grow, which in turn affected the sales of new cars. (Seller could not sell your used car he bought in return for a new car).

The rating of the most sold cars on the “euromarch” for June-August 2018:

Volkswagen – 17,7%;
Opel – 12,1%;
Audi – 10,7%;
BMW – 10,1%;
Mercedes – 8,2%;
Renault – 6,8%;
Ford – 5.4 per cent;
Mazda – 3,4%;
Skoda is 3.2%;
Peugeot – 2,3%;
The other is 20.1%.Almost simultaneously with the statements of the Cabinet about the future of repressive measures, distribution “EuroBLECH” faded, and after the “victory” over the deputies and the public promise of the Prime Minister Groisman “not scaring” the owners of these cars – the dynamics of sales vozrostaet.

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