A well-known brand is developing self-driving car with sad eyes


Eyes, posted by car will be escorted pedestrians look.

The British are known for ingenuity and engineering skill. So Jaguar Land Rover has decided to come up with something to make pedestrians feel confident about crossing the road in front of Autonomous cars, reports citing .

Do you think that the British invented artificial intelligence who is able to inspire the people’s confidence through telepathy? Nope. In JLR came up with….eyes. Sad eyes.

The company States that “eyes” was developed by a team of engineers from unit Jaguar Land Rover Future Mobility. They are looking for the pedestrian and “look” at him, showing that he identified the car’s not going anywhere.

Pete Bennett, Director of research Future Mobility said, “Pedestrians usually look for the driver of the car to make sure that he sees them and stops before the transition. It is important to understand how to implement it in the technologies of tomorrow.”

“We want to understand whether there is enough people to understand the further actions of the vehicle or they need to see attention to yourself.”Now, if you are going to cross the street and meet eyes with a giant, depressing version of the robot WALL-E, most likely, will think twice before going ahead. By the way, I have an idea – how about the angry expressions of those who with bananas in his ears and hoods the eye to cross the road without looking?

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