David Lynch told me how to create a movie. Video


The Director starred in a new short film.

On the platform Nowness published a short film “curtains up” (Curtain”s Up). David Lynch in the video talks about film-making, the transcendental meditation technique and beautiful let smoke in a dark theater, reports citing .

“Cinema is a language, with which you can talk about abstract things. So you’re able to Express feelings and thoughts that I can’t describe any other means of communication. It is a magical medium,” says Lynch. He’s fascinated by how the same sounds and images that come together in a film, cause a completely different emotions, feelings and thoughts of each individual viewer.

“Fear, anger, sadness, depression is a wonderful thing for history, but they poison the Director or artist – says Lynch. – In order to create, you need to think clearly, to catch ideas.”

The filming took place in Los Angeles. In addition to Lynch in the short film appear Stella McCartney, the band Børns, Imaad Wasif and Sky H1, actors Lola Kirke, Ashton Sanders, Sasha lane, head of the Foundation David Lynch Bob Roth and others.

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