Camera in the United States recorded a meteor. Video


Rare shot from several angles.

Residents of Alabama witnessed the sky show. 17 Aug eyewitnesses and six meteor cameras of the National office for Aeronautics and space USA (NASA) was able to capture on video the fall of the fireball, reported, citing .

Witnesses said that what they had seen that night was truly spectacular and intimidating. As experts noted, the decline of the cosmic body was quite atypical, so the flying car is perfectly visible, despite the thick clouds overcast the sky. The body was distinguished by a special luminosity, which exceeded the brightness of the moon 40 times.

According to NASA, the flash of a meteorite was seen at an altitude of about 93 km in the area of the settlement Arkytown to the North-East of Gadsden. The celestial body was falling over 86,4 km/h and shattered into individual pieces at an altitude of about 29 km above the earth. According to preliminary data, the diameter of the asteroid was approximately 183 cm Now NASA is looking for possible debris that could not burn in the atmosphere.The flaming meteorite was seen well as residents of Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina.

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