The Italian Ambassador was summoned “on the carpet” in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine


The foreign Ministry of Ukraine outraged by statements of the Minister of internal Affairs and Vice-Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded to the statement by the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Italy Matteo Salvini regarding the “legality” of the annexation of Crimea.

This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister for European integration Elena zerkal at channel 5 on Friday, July 20, at .

According to the mirror, on Monday the 23rd of July, scheduled a meeting with the Ambassador of Italy in Ukraine.

“We respond. On Monday we will meet with the Italian Ambassador, he is very nice man, I know he can’t answer for the words of their politicians, especially given the fact that this politician went to the Crimea, had just returned from Moscow, where, according to information available to us, met with Mr. Putin,” she said.

The mirror also noted that we should not expect something else from such a person. “To expect anything else from a man who at 90 years is a functionary of the Northern League, well perhaps not worth it. In addition, they are now on the rise. It’s annoying more than any of his statement…now they have a support rating of over 30%. This means that in Europe there are problems,” she added.

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