The Moscow elections. Nineteen billion at Sobyanin?


The costs of the city in the media amount to more than $ 200 million a year. This is the average annual pension for 77 000 Russians

Moscow. I live in this city. And so double-triple take the evil when on the eve of elections of the mayor I, like millions of other residents, begin to talk about another candidate that he is the only and belopushistye from all sides. And so let’s try without any puppy enthusiasm to learn candidates. Name.

Of course, it is not about the so-called opposition candidates, who for three months before the election managed to quarrel, sorting out which is more important, and before takeoff have fallen into the category of downed pilots. About the former owner of the SU-155 Michael Balakina, nominated by the “Union of citizens”, and previously managed instead of the Mordovian colonies to be in the city Council, I have often been told. Moreover, Balakin flew from the election because of the very muddy history with the withdrawal of the signatures of sandepu, and you cannot revoke. And now, in the order of sampling the order arrived in time and the current Moscow mayor, Sergei Sobyanin.

Let’s start with the ancient statements of the head of the capital Sergey Sobyanin, which is particularly important for its present status “the candidate in mayors of Moscow”, recently submitted documents to the election Commission. Once, while still a large head of Tyumen, Sergei Sobyanin, according to “Kommersant”, stated that “I do not believe that a journalist could be free by definition, and the press we can’t be free.”

And how right was the mayor! As the water looked. Right now all the Moscow (regional, in the first place) the press, obviously not wanting to be “free software definition”, lined up and in unison began licking a collective “genius”, “great”, “Almighty” and is simply the best mayor of all times and peoples Sergey Sobyanin. And the right to love. Did not. The sincere love of these delights is a relatively small percentage. And the rest of the space, where it is constantly praised Sobyanin, delightedly watching his every move, tightly screwed to the impending elections of the mayor of Moscow and tied to funding from a very solid capital budget. And, as it turned out, the financing giant.

But first, let’s see, maybe the law allows you to praise and worship the current mayor of Moscow and a “mayoral candidate” in the media and on the Internet resources, is directly dependent on money from the city budget. The city, which is headed by the current mayoral candidate.

So no. Russian legislation declaring the holding in Russia of the elections on the principles of equality of all candidates and the Executive authorities and their officials are prohibited to interfere in the election process, to support anyone of the candidates, to provide them with their resources. The officials are not entitled to help candidates both money and “administrative resources”.

And since we found out that the Law says, then it is time to see how it perform in the capital of our country city-hero of Moscow.

So, the cost of media for the last three years is about the same and ranged from 12.9% to 12.1 billion rubles, or more than $ 200 million. 200 million dollars! This is the average annual pension for 77 000 Russians.

On the table, a more detailed distribution of these astronomical sums for the period from 2015 to 2017.

In the current election (!!!) year, the amount allocated from the budget of Moscow on financing of the media, rose to 13 billion rubles. That is, the money has increased by almost 10 million US dollars. Coincidence? I don’t think.

Let’s compare with the same new York. In new York, at city hall in the submission and on its balance sheet, as in Moscow, is 2 city channel, radio station and other media support unit. They are United in NYCMediа. All costs for the media group amount to $ 33 million per year. Another $ 20 million spent on the development of programs and applications within the budget of the Department of information technology. In addition, the money goes to the Department of communications and marketing, the program “Green new York” and a few other areas. The total budget of the new York media for the year is $ 60 million. In Moscow – $ 220 million, that is almost four times more.

What to do with these huge sums of money from the capital budget? About that later, but surprised to learn that the aforesaid 13 billion rubles – this is not the final amount of costs of the Moscow media. It is only those costs, which is administered by the Department of media and advertising, and the public part of the budget shows that other subdivisions have a similar expenditure.

So, for example, as of 2017, the Department of education pays 13 million 766 thousand rubles for a special issue of “teacher’s newspaper” devoted to the Moscow teachers. The two budget lines above this expenditure is the item “Information-analytical and organizational-methodical support of the educational system and the issue of the Moscow edition of “teacher’s newspaper” worth 125 million 343 thousand rubles.

Unlike new York, Moscow did not disclose the final amounts of support to any media. All data are given in the General section. Here’s what I managed to know colleagues in an open budget of Moscow – 2017:

If you add up all the amounts coming from the capital budget to the media, it has obtained a whopping 19 billion 410 million (19 410 000 000) rubles.

To assess the extent of cost and by comparison with the advertising budgets of the largest international corporations in Russia. Compared to the money that is spent by the mayoralty of Moscow on your own advertising and PR budgets of corporations seem to be relatively small. So, the advertising budget of Procter & Gamble in 2016 amounted to 5,395 billion, and Pepsi Co — 4,449 billion roubles That, of course, incomparably with Moscow 19-th billions.

But back to the election of the mayor of Moscow, to be held in two months. So, we found the amounts that the city budget are used to Finance media and online media and publics. And the conclusion is clear: the system is designed so that the only beneficiary of it was city hall itself. The information flow is directed only in one direction – to praise the current mayor Sergei Sobyanin, and, consequently, the same name of the candidate in mayors of Moscow. And the logic of the editors here is quite understandable and logical – try to imagine, say, “Echo of Moscow”, criticizing the “Gazprom-media” or “the Parliamentary newspaper” investigating the activity of the state Duma.

Let’s try to find in any of the publications, Internet sites, public, inform resources funded from the capital budget, one critical phrase, or word in the address of Sergei Sobyanin. Or at least not very sugary praise of the “best of the best”. I tried. Honestly, long tormented, and Google, and Yandex, and sites more than a hundred publications funded by and affiliated to the Moscow city hall. But everywhere the only solid happiness and sweet songs to the “greatest and most illustrious” Mr Sobyanin.

So in the “Evening Moscow” for the last month I have counted more than 60 (sixty!!!) enthusiastic reports of truly great creative activity of the Moscow mayor Sobyanin. Most of this enthusiasm spilled after a citizen Sobyanin announced his intention to become again head of the capital.

Not far behind, and “AIF”. Over the past month, more than forty life-affirming glorifications Sobyanin.

“Uchitelskaya Gazeta”, the financing of which was mentioned above, tries as best she can:

And hundreds of publications, websites, blogs concerned about the singing talent of Sobyanin. And even now, as Mr Sobyanin has already passed the documents to the electoral Commission, becoming a full-fledged candidate in mayors of Moscow, chanting to the glory of mayor Sobyanin has only intensified.

Of course, I understand that Sergey Sobyanin to the post of the capital mayor did for Moscow is really a lot. Very much. Yes there are to list – you know. But to admire and wash the tears of emotion have a specific reason, because all that has done and is doing for the city the mayor – it was his duty as the elected leader of the country’s capital. In this case, Sergei Sobyanin just performs its functions, which should perform according to the Charter of Moscow and other regulatory documents.

A Eulogy of the candidate in mayors of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin at the expense of the capital budget does not fit in with the electoral law, and the Charter of Moscow, too. But the complexity of the situation personally to Sergei Sobyanin at the upcoming elections is easy to read.

It is clear that he definitely will win these elections, but here the dog is buried in the end the final figures, Mr Sobyanin was in a very limited scope for interest. He does not receive less than 55 percent, to at least minimally exceed your previous score of 51 percent. Also, it is highly desirable, for ethical reasons, to block the result of the presidential victory of Vladimir Putin in Moscow at 71 percent. Well, to elegantly – not more than 65. That is, the mayor can and should afford only simply winning a limit of 10 per cent from 55% to 65%. Neither one percent nor more, no less. And that’s why the whole heavy artillery of the Moscow valued at 19 billion rubles in this difficult election year.

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