Putin commented on the rapprochement between NATO and Ukraine


Russia will be proportionate to respond to the aggressive actions of the Alliance.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the aggressive actions that threaten the country, Russia will respond proportionately. He said this, speaking at a meeting with Russian diplomats on Thursday, July 19, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

“Such aggressive steps, which represent pramu a threat to Russia, we will react proportionately. Our colleagues who play in aggravation, tend to include, including, say, Ukraine or Georgia into the military orbit of the Alliance, would have to think about the possible consequences of such irresponsible policy,” he said.

The Russian leader also noted that the basis of security in Europe is to develop cooperation and trust.

“The key to security and stability in Europe is to increase cooperation and restore confidence, and not to deploy the Russian borders of new bases and military infrastructure of NATO, which is happening now. Such aggressive steps, which represent a direct threat to Russia, we will react proportionally,” said Putin.We will remind, at the summit of the Alliance on July 11-12, a document was signed, which confirmed the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine.

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