Kyiv has reacted to possible Russian sanctions


In the Parliament believe that Russia is preparing sanctions in response to lawsuits in international courts.

The Ministry of justice while there is no official information about the preparation of Russia’s sanctions against Ukraine. As transfers the Internet edition on Thursday, July 19, said the first Deputy Minister of justice Natalia Bernatsky in the comments .

According to her, the Ukrainian side officially not in contact with the Russian Federation learned about the possible introduction of sanctions of media.

“Of course in Russia, where the concept of the rule of law does not exist, may be taken by the presidential decree of any sanctions that they wish. Let’s see in what framework they will be used in the future,” she explained.

She also suggested that sanctions may be imposed against Ukrainian politicians.

“It is obvious that the Ukrainians have property in Russia. But I don’t think it will touch ordinary citizens. Because it will be more touch politicians who actively vote against the Russian Federation. Of course, there is already extensive list of those who are not entrance to Russia. So I think that in the future there will be some further sanctions. It’s hard to say who has some assets in Russia”, – said Bernatsky.

The Deputy Minister noted that the Russian sanctions is unlikely to cause harm to someone in Ukraine.

“At the moment we first made the sanctions lists, so in the future our policy will not change. In Russia, apparently, decided that they for many years under sanctions, so I decided to make a counter-move. I think that politicians in Ukraine, almost no one intends to go to Russia or to have any connection with this country,” said Bernatsky.

In turn, the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko said that Russia may prepare sanctions against Ukraine in response to lawsuits in international courts. “Putin can expect much. They don’t like winning Naftogaz in the Stockholm arbitration. We have a lot of international lawsuits … related to the Kerch Strait, a failure to comply with the law of the sea in the matter of stay of the Ukrainian ships in the Azov sea. We have a lot of lawsuits related to violation of rights of Ukrainian citizens in the Crimea. In addition, a lot of lawsuits in the ECHR. Therefore, Russia is forced to respond,” – said Lutsenko.

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