In Odessa the woman driving the car knocked down a pedestrian on “Zebra”. Video


Woman driving the Mercedes was also nearly collided with the minibus.

On Wednesday evening, July 11, at the intersection of Long and Lviv in Odessa Mercedes brought down at the unregulated crosswalk, the woman then fled the accident scene.

The video, captured on the dash camera, published in Facebook user Katherine Nosik, who witnessed the incident, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

According to her, driving a Mercedes was a woman.

While the video shows that before the accident she almost collided with a bus.”In our eyes tonight on a pedestrian crossing street/Long was shot down by a woman for the Mercedes ВН6262НМ double champagne/gold. Behind the wheel of a redheaded woman… Just called the police, called all many times. Finally arrived. There is an unpleasant feeling that business will hesitate,” wrote the Nose.

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