At the entrance to the KSCA clashed. Video


About 200 people opposed to the increase of tariffs in public transport, a little less.

The building of the Kyiv city state administration held two meetings due to the rise in the price of public transport up to 8 UAH, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

By estimates of the edition, the campaign came about 200 people.

It is noted that near the metro station Khreshchatyk gather supporters raise prices.

It’s the people in the form of Kievpastrans” as well as the operators of the subway. The number of participants in support of a rise in price about 150 people.

Later representatives of both rallies went into the building of the KSCA, where the session of the city Council, with the intent to “control the decision”.

At the entrance to the administration have been several small clashes between supporters and opponents of the price increase, but no one was injured, no one was arrested.At the entrance to the KSCA on duty several police officers and about 30 police officers are inside the building in the lobby.

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