Algae spoiled the holiday travelers in Berdyansk. Video


The wind brought to the shore a lot of algae.

On the shore of the sea of Azov, in the resort Berdyansk, people complained about the rest, tainted by algae. Tons of plants washed ashore, and now customers can’t really swim because of the abundance of algae, nor sit on the beach because of the stench of rotting plants, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

“I liked everything, but only the algae interfere,” he assured, resting Arina Izotova and her colleague Nadezhda Tischenko said that “you don’t swim, because dirty and smell bad. Actually, to be in here very well.”

Green algae are called cladophora. Usually this plant appears in Berdyansk coast in August, but this year it all started a month earlier because of the heat and increase the salinity of the sea.

In this case, although cladophora and spoils the holiday vacation, health it does not harm, convince the experts.

“It is completely no harm to human cannot bear, because it is, in fact, common algae, not toxic, anything”, – assured the Faith Getmanenko, head of the laboratory of the Institute of fisheries and environment of the sea.

The algae on the beaches of Berdyansk wind brings close to a week. Get them started immediately, but the utility is not right – as soon as cleaned, piled tons of new plants.

“Create the problem, we are every day trying to deal with them, is nature. In the morning each day the team comes twice a day removes algae, comes to tons to two,” explained the administrator of the beach Natalia Odoevskaya.

The utility day are taken from the beaches a few trucks of algae, but to clean the shores of the stinking mass, you need to remove nearly a hundred tons of plants. But the main hope of workers that the wind would change and carry the algae back into the sea.

“I think the weather is favorable, blow East, blow out North, here and all the grass relates back to sea, where she, basically, was,” admitted Alexander Wroblewski, Director of the municipal enterprise “Berdyansk vodolazno-life-saving service.”Weather forecasters promise that if weather will not be capricious, the wind will change in the next two days.

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