Tymchuk's wife confirmed the version of the suicide of the people's deputy


Tymchuk's wife confirmed the version of the suicide of the people's deputy© Dmitry Tymchuk / Facebook Dmitry Tymchuk shot himself in front of his common-law wife. This was reported on July 8 by the Korrespondent.net publication with reference to the case materials.

The woman told investigators that the people's deputy, who abused alcohol, had a bout of depression on the day of death. He began to drink alcohol in the morning and refused to go to work. Around 12.00 Tymchuk shot himself, at this moment the cohabitant was in the same room with him.

“She (cohabitant. – Ed.) Discouraged the latter from trying to commit suicide. However, at about 12:00, Tymchuk shot himself, ”the report said.

Suicide Club. Tymchuk's death could be the beginning of a new five-year plan of mysterious deaths
Suicide Club. Tymchuk's death may be the beginning of a new five-year mysterious deaths© CC0, Pixabay
The woman reported the incident to the assistant to the people's deputy only after an hour. She does not know anything about the debts of the deceased or his conflicts.

The death of Tymchuk became known on June 19. According to one version, voiced by his party member Anton Gerashchenko, the deputy died due to an accident during the cleaning of award weapons.

Despite this, Tymchuk's surname was on the list of deputies present at the meeting of the Rada that day.


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