Two dozen children of ATO veterans and orphans poisoned in a health camp


Two dozen children of ATO veterans and orphans poisoned in a health camp
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Dirty water caused mass poisoning at the Salyut children's camp, located in the Nikolaev region. Specialists found enterococci in the water supply. On Monday, July 8, UNIAN reported with reference to the plot of the "Television News Service"

In recent years, cases of mass food poisoning are regularly recorded in Ukraine. The main reason for this is the degradation of sanitary and epidemiological control.

As a result of poisoning, more than two dozen children rested in hospital beds in the Salyut camp in the village of Koblevo. All of them are children of the fighters of the so-called Anti-Terrorist Operation, children from large families and orphans. Victims received camp tickets at the expense of the state budget.

Save on orphanages
Save on orphanages
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Specialists found many violations of sanitary norms in the camp: children were placed in unrepaired rooms with holes in the walls and old plumbing. "Salute" was closed, now disinfection is taking place on its territory.

In June, 30 vacationers from a children's camp in the village of Repuzhintsy in the Zastavnivskyi district in Bukovina addressed the doctors with nausea and vomiting.

Another case of mass poisoning was recorded in Kiev-controlled territory of the Lugansk region. In the city of Rubezhnoye, 27 people needed hospitalization after visiting the beach. According to preliminary data, all victims have acute gastroenterocolitis.



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