"Suitcase, station, Russia." Poroshenko pushed an Afghan veteran during a rally in Volyn


Former President of Ukraine and leader of the European Solidarity Party Petro Poroshenko pushed war veteran in Afghanistan Mykola Shevchuk during a rally in the city of Gorokhov, Volyn Region. This was reported by the local edition of "Under the Sight"

Poroshenko hit a man on the head with a large rounded object for a question about Sharia
Poroshenko hit a man on the head with a large rounded object for a question about Sharia
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Journalists clarify that the incident occurred on June 27 at the time when Poroshenko began to talk about his achievements as head of state. A man separated from the crowd that had almost diverged by that time and began to express his negative attitude towards politics.

According to the publication, the man was approached by police officers and Poroshenko’s personal guards, who tried to grab him by the arms. Later, the politician himself approached him, pushed him in the shoulder and said literally the following:

“Like you are not here! Suitcase, train station, Russia! Get out of here and don't stop us from holding a rally. ”

In a commentary to the publication, Shevchuk noted that he would like to hear answers from Poroshenko on the question of why, during his leadership of the country, Chernobyl and Afghans received only 4 thousand UAH (9.6 thousand rubles) pensions instead of the promised 16 thousand UAH (38 , 5 thousand rubles).

Shevchuk emphasized that Ukrainian citizens no longer want to see Poroshenko in power and added that the former guarantor of the constitution is lying to his own voters.

Earlier, Poroshenko at a meeting with voters already showed inappropriate behavior for his position in response to questions uncomfortable for him.

While in Zaporozhye, he asked a girl who was present there about the persecution of journalist Anatoly Shari tore off her knitted hat. Later, the Ukrainian president, passing through the crowd, grabbed the man by the nose.

Prior to this, when asked by a resident of Cherkasy about when he would fight corruption, Poroshenko called the man a “Muscovite provocateur” and advised him to go to church.

According to psychiatrist Diana Genvarskaya, Poroshenko’s inadequate reaction suggests that he feels his vulnerability, is not confident in himself, and understands that his verbal authority, when one can act and convince with words, is not enough.


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