Poll: Party Poroshenko increases the gap from the "Fatherland"


Poll: Poroshenko's party increases the lead over the "Fatherland" "title =" Poll: Poroshenko's party increases the gap from the "Fatherland" "class =" article-header__media-image ">
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If the vote took place next Sunday, then the Servant of the People, the Opposition Platform - For Life, European Solidarity, Fatherland and the Voice passed to the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation.

<p>Ukrainian Institute of Social Research. Oleksandra Yaremenko and the Social Monitoring Center conducted a survey among 2,000 adult residents of Ukraine using a personal interview to determine the electoral mood. Kharkiv Oblast: Kernes receives everything, “Servant of the People” – nothing<br />
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Among the respondents who intend to take part in the parliamentary elections and decided on their preferences, 41.6% support the Servant of the People parry, 13.7% support the Opposition Platform – For Life, 8.5% support European Solidarity (former BPP), 7.7% – “Fatherland”, 7.5% – “Voice”.

The remaining parties have not yet overcome the passage barrier set at 5%.

In studies of various sociological centers, the first two positions remain unchanged – they are occupied by the “Servant of the people” and “Opposition platform – For life”, and the political forces of the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Yulia Tymoshenko are fighting for the third line.

So, a poll by the Institute for Analysis and Forecasting, conducted with the support of the Socioprognoz analytical group of the Kiev Press Club from June 21 to July 3, showed that if the vote took place next Sunday, the Fatherland would be among the top three with a score of 8 , 1%, and "European Solidarity" would take fourth place with 7.9% of the vote.


European solidarity

Opposition platform – “For Life,


Servant of the people


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