NewsOne: Teleconference with Russia is necessary to restore peace


NewsOne: Teleconference with Russia is necessary to restore peace© NewsOneThe teleconference between the Russia 1 TV channel, which is banned in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian NewsOne channel are needed to restore peace. This is stated in a statement NewsOne, posted on its website on July 8

Nationalists put forward an ultimatum to Zelensky on the eve of the teleconference between Russia and Ukraine
Nationalists put forward an ultimatum to Zelensky on the eve of the teleconference between Russia and Ukraine
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Earlier it became known that on July 12 at 18:00 between the studios of the channel "Russia 1" in Moscow and NewsOne in Kiev will be a teleconference. The presenters will be Maria Sittel and Andrey Malakhov from the Russian side, Elena Kirik with Vasily Golovanov from the Ukrainian side.

““ We need to talk ”is a teleconference between ordinary people of Ukraine and Russia: without politics, without politicians. Each for its part must take a step to end the war. NewsOne takes this step on July 12th. Because Ukraine needs peace! ”The statement said.

The television channel expressed confidence that today about 70% of Ukrainians are waiting for direct political negotiations with Russia, in connection with which NewsOne considers it its journalistic duty to enter into such an open dialogue.

They added that it was the many calls and appeals from the audience that inspired the channel’s leadership to take this step.

Indeed, despite the political differences between Moscow and Kiev, the relations between the two countries' residents to each other remain quite warm.

As the Levada Center study conducted in February 2019 showed, 82% of respondents in Russia are well disposed towards Ukrainians (25% of respondents said they have a very good attitude), 77% of Ukrainians have a similar opinion (23% are very good).

Meanwhile, the idea of ​​a teleconference was sharply criticized by representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and some political parties.

So, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman believes that Ukrainian TV channels should not show pro-Russian propaganda, and called for abandoning this project. In turn, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Alexander Danilyuk called the announcement of the teleconference provocation.

The inadmissibility of holding such an event was also stated by the leader of the Fatherland party, Yulia Tymoshenko. In her opinion, it will be necessary to talk when bloodshed is stopped in the Donbass. A similar statement was made by the party "Civic Position" Anatoly Gritsenko.

The National Council of Journalists of Ukraine also condemned the NewsOne idea, and the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting promised to publish an official statement in the near future.




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