Nearly 90 Russians died during the season on vacation in TurkeyAmbassador of the Russian Federation to Ankara Alexei Yerkhov

Nearly 90 Russians died during the season on vacation in Turkey

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ankara Alexei Yerkhov

The ongoing tourist season in Turkey was difficult for Russia: this year 88 Russian citizens died on vacation, about 40 required medical evacuation. This was announced in an interview with RIA "Novosti" by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Ankara, Alexei Yerkhov.

He explained the increase in emergency with compatriots by the fact that more Russians began to come to Turkey. Last year, about 6 million tourists from the Russian Federation visited the country, this year more is forecasted. According to Erkhov, incidents with Russians occur, as a rule, for the "most commonplace" reasons. Elderly people with cardiovascular diseases do not take into account that Turkey has hot, stuffy, and high humidity in the summer – "hence heart attacks, strokes, and much more."

Tourists also neglect the rules of the road. In this regard, the ambassador urged "to be more attentive on the roads, to use checked and certified travel agencies for vehicles and excursions, to avoid dubious, albeit inexpensive, offers."

"Well, of course, there are still a lot of facts when the Russians, abusing the advantages of the all-inclusive system, become the cause of the tragedies that have happened, they don’t remember at all the basic safety standards," the diplomat noted. However, few people know that drinking alcohol "almost automatically excludes an incident from the category of insured events," Yerkhov emphasized.

The most notorious were the deaths of several children in Turkey. At the end of August, a 12-year-old girl from St. Petersburg died in a hospital, whose hand was sucked into a pipe in a pool at a Bodrum hotel. Even after the pump stopped, it was possible to pull out a hand only together with the casing of the pool by the efforts of seven men. Turkish authorities are investigating the matter.

In early September, a 19-year-old tourist died who fell into a coma after an incident while swimming with exotic fish in the Sealanya Sea Park water amusement park. Also in early September, a five-year-old girl drowned in the hotel pool in Antalya. The death of a 16-year-old Russian woman who ended up in a Turkish hospital with acute abdominal pain was widely publicized. Presumably she died of peritonitis. Her parents suspected doctors of illegally harvesting the girl’s organs.

Representatives of the Turkish clinics "Yasham" and "Siedra" reject these allegations. In their opinion, parents turned too late to seek medical help when their daughter's condition was already hopeless. The head of the Antalya Health Department, Unal Hülür, said that when the girl’s body was opened, her uterus and ovaries were removed to determine the cause of death.

According to the Russian ambassador in Ankara, the Investigative Committee of Russia began a check on the death of a teenager. It is expected that the Russian competent authorities will also request the Ministry of Justice of Turkey. Russian diplomats are providing assistance in resolving this issue.