Merkel called the meeting date of the "Norman Four"


Merkel called the meeting date of the "Norman Four"
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that consultations of the "Norman format" at the level of advisers will be held on July 12

In Berlin, a joint briefing of the leaders of the two countries on the results of the negotiations is taking place.

“On July 12, a meeting of advisers in the“ Norman format ”will be held, and then we will see how to proceed. We, President Macron and I, are ready, looking for the fastest opportunity. In any case, Germany is ready to make every effort here. I was glad that the Trilateral Contact Group is now working more decisively in the framework of the Minsk process, ”said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Miroshnik: Nobody asked Kiev what terms they are ready to renew the “Norman format”
Miroshnik: Nobody asked Kiev what terms they are ready to renew the “Norman format”
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On June 17, in Paris, where Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky also paid a one-day visit, French President Emmanuel Macron said at a joint press conference that a meeting of the heads of state and government in the “Norman format” could be held in Paris to capture the progress made by the parties. He stressed that moving forward involves certain steps on the part of Moscow and Kiev, which will be worked on in the coming weeks and which will serve as the basis for a number of initiatives.

“Regarding the return to the“ Norman format ”and the timing of this meeting … The dates for doing this after the parliamentary elections in Ukraine were discussed. I spoke about this yesterday in France with President Macron. But I really want this meeting to take place urgently, so the first working meeting is planned (at the level of advisers. – Ed.) In July, ”Zelensky said.

The last meeting of the “Norman Four” at the highest level took place on October 19, 2016 in Berlin, and the foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France held consultations on November 29 of the same year in Minsk. Two years after taking office, Macron never took part in the negotiations of the "Norman format."


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