In Odessa, unknown attacked the journalist Stop Corruption at the judge’s house


In Odessa, unknown attacked the journalist Stop Corruption at the judge’s house
© Photo by Facebook Roman BochkalaIn Odessa, unidentified men attacked the journalist of the organization Stop Stop Corruption Asya Glutskaya. On Friday, June 28, on his page on Facebook told Ukrainian journalist Roman Bochkala

According to the journalist, Glutskaya managed to find out the address of the estate of the chairman of the Odessa district court, Sergei Chvankin, worth about $ 1 million.

“After filming the villa, the crew went to the Kiev District Court, which is led by Chvankin. They were already waiting there. A bus with aunts and a dead penny pulled up. The young men surrounded the cars of journalists, after which they gave the command to the driver of the Zhiguli to crash into the side of the car of the film crew. All this was accompanied by intimidation. The aunts also named the hotel and the rooms my colleagues lived in, ”Bochkala writes.

The victims appealed to law enforcement officers, according to the press service of the Main Directorate of the National Police, the incident was qualified in part 1 of article 345-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (threat or violence against a journalist), the newspaper “Duma” reports.

Bochkala believes that the attack on the journalist was ordered by Chvankin, who carefully concealed his villa and even changed the house numbering for the sake of this, so that the National Anti-Corruption Agency could not find it during the check.



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