Blogger: Ukrainians in Yalta discussed the supply of fuel to the APU


Blogger: Ukrainians in Yalta discussed the supply of fuel to the APU
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A blogger from Donetsk resting in Yalta, Irina Puchkova, spoke about a conversation overheard in a local cafe, during which Ukrainians talked about fuel supplies to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

"Crimea. Yalta. The new cafe, bright, already ripples in the eyes. A lot of people, although the food is slurred, but attracted by the location and surroundings. A company of men is sitting. They’re sitting so tightly – a lot of food was ordered, and drinks too. Periodically speak loudly on the phone. In Ukrainian, often mixing with Russian obscenities (hi to the idea of ​​“demyatizing” we’re talking about business, about deliveries, about unloading. Music clogs part of the conversation. And then – oops, pause, the song ended abruptly, and there’s some kind of malfunction or the one who sets the music decided to reload to another … And in sudden silence, still not dropping his voice after shouting noise, one of the men loudly at the whole cafe: “That bude diesel fuel, try your commander, de win in advance deliveries about … ..! If there’s any attack, not with … So. Glory to Ukraine! Buoy! Everyone has already turned around, " – she wrote to Facebook.

After that, the Ukrainians were left to rest in the cafe.

Its subscribers were outraged not only by conversation, but also by the passivity of those around them, who calmly reacted to the words of the Ukrainian.

According to her, the conversation took place in the cafe "Peacock-Mavlin", which is located on the fifth floor of the shopping center "Fountain" in Yalta.

Earlier it was reported that as a result of the shelling of the APU on July 3 in Gorlovka, about five thousand subscribers, schools, kindergartens, as well as a pumping station were left without electricity. Each bullet arrives in the territory of Donbass at the direction of Zelensky – Kofman
Each bullet flies into the territory of Donbass at the direction of Zelensky - Kofman
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“As a result of the fire of the armed forces of Ukraine on July 3 at 22:50, the 35 kV high-voltage line was damaged, the 35 kV“ GPP-2 ”substation, supplying 40 transformer substations, was disconnected, three city districts were disconnected: Kurganka, Rtutny and Glubokaya. 4966 household subscribers, two schools, three kindergartens and a sewage pumping station were left without light, ”the press service of the Ministry of Coal and Energy of the DPR said in a statement.

Emergency crews of the DNR “Regional Energy Supply Company” enterprise carried out an operative reconnection of subscribers according to backup schemes.






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