About RT

About a hundred years ago no one could even think about what would happen an information boom. Fresh news has always been small and, more often than not, they were too localized in their place of origin. Today, with the advent of the Internet, more and more people complain about the overload of information, news and events that occur outside their homes.

Nevertheless, the flow of messages and interesting materials does not cease to flow into the virtual space. How to choose from them exactly what matters to you personally? How not to get lost and not get bored with this heap of little gossip and large-scale events?

For those who like news, but do not want to overload themselves with unnecessary information, and created this project. Since the end of 2012, our online media team is settling on the expanses of the network. During this time we managed not only to win the audience, but also to find regular readers.

And now, let me answer the main question – why are you here now:

You are interested in everything that happens today in the world. It is not for nothing that the founder of one of the most famous dynasties of entrepreneurs, Meyer Bauer bequeathed to his children not only prosperity, but also worldly wisdom, which said – “he owns the world who owns the information”;

• You do not want to wait until the news is shown in the evening issue, you need them right now. And we have them;

• You want to read only those news that you need: politics, sports, latest technology, crime, recreation and much more. You are sure to find what you need;

• You are looking for a new concept of news delivery. Television and radio broadcasts become boring over time, and the text is not always as interesting as we would like, but it’s a picture! Photo reports can sometimes tell more than a full-scale article. And clear and relevant comments to photos will help you fully grasp the meaning of information;

• You need to find news a month ago, but it is already lost among the flow of other information and sites. Do not worry – we have everything. We chronicle events from around the world;

• You have a clear position on this or that event and want to be heard – you can leave a comment on our website. Enter into the discussion with other readers and consider the entire versatility of the event from different angles.

The most interesting events in the world, important and simply entertaining information – all this is with us. The team of professionals of our portal is able not only to find news faster than everyone else, but also to assess their importance for the reader. In addition, we monitor the truthfulness and objectivity of the information provided.

Truth is a delicate matter, because one and the same can be told in completely different ways. But our team every day jewelry unravels a tangle of information to convey to you all the most important things honestly and impartially.

Stay in touch to find out all the fun! In fact, even now, when you read, interesting and exciting events are taking place in the world.