They came for us. From the editors of “media zones”


Special correspondent of “Medusa” Ivan Golunov became the figurant of criminal case under article providing for up to 20 years in prison. In Moscow detained journalists who came to the rally of solidarity with a colleague. “The media” usually refrains from assessments of the events about which he writes, but today, the editorial staff considers it necessary to depart from this rule, and here’s why.

Detained yesterday our colleague from the “Medusa” Ivan Golunova who was doing a brilliant investigation of corruption among officials of the government of Moscow and the junk and scams from the funeral business. Ivan accused that he was going to sell drugs on a large scale is a serious offence.

We have no doubt that the detention related to the work of Golunova and drugs were planted on him — rudely and defiantly. To scare us all. He was beaten by the police. It is not allowed a lawyer. Soon the court can send him to jail.

The interior Ministry has published photos of a meth lab allegedly found in his apartment — it soon became clear that it was not his apartment, and on the notes, which can be seen in these pictures — someone else’s handwriting. The criminal case against Golunova — the same fake, as those pictures.

This is a blow not only to Ivan and his colleagues from the “Medusa” is a blow to everyone who continues to work honestly, to collect and make public important information about life in Russia.

In recent years, has not been adequately investigated, no crime, where the victims were journalists not disclosed the attack on Oleg Kashin was not found attacked the van of the “Committee against torture” in Ingushetia, for many years, no one is looking for the customer of murder of Anna Politkovskaya. And that’s just the known cases.

Promptly investigated only criminal cases were fabricated against journalists. If the security forces will succeed so blatantly and shamelessly put Ivan Golunova, it would mean that in respect of journalists in Russia you can do everything. Behind us came again.

We encourage our colleagues and readers not to be silent.

We need to protect Ivan for the future of independent journalism in Russia, without which there is no future and the whole country.

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