Humiliation exam: in what has become a unified state exam


Moreover, during the exams the graduates are constantly humiliated, the procedure of preparation for the exam has become a very lucrative business for the officials from the education

About the bizarre morals prevailing at the time of preparation and exam writes LiveJournal blogger Anastasia Nikolaev:

“Today I talked to a teacher who is on duty on the exam. It’s all shaking with indignation, when he tells about how them, the duty teachers, talking nasmotrevshis superiors. Everyone, teachers and students, in the role of potential criminals, all intimidated as they can. Heat under 30 in Moscow, and the Windows in the classroom should not be revealed! If student a leaf blow away on the floor, then all it will be from cheating. The result — children pass these important exams in a semiconscious state, wet as a mouse.

The mother of another high school girl told me in the comments to the text, as her little girl came out of the exam completely shocked: her classmate, a talented mathematician before anyone wrote relevant math and with relief he pushed himself from the completed form. To him then flew on duty at the teacher and said that he was so he wanted to give their form to check that sat ahead.


Despite the protests, the boy was removed from the exam. Now he has no right to take the exam this year. No Institute, no math.

“Chalk” talks about how the exam cheat sheets from high school was looking for…. under skirts. But to call for help, the girl’s parents could only after the exam: cell phones, then they took away!



Advertising poster, congratulating the children’s Day, next to this news is particularly cynical.

By the way, the Ministry of education in Zabaykalsky Krai stated that none of the girls were not watching, it’s just the boys asked to remove my Trouser belt and leave them outside the examination halls. We’ll wait for clarification from the participants, so to speak.

Today still spoke with the fresh graduate, questioned the terrible procedure of the exam, like talking about it.

Answer boys:

“I always thought it can’t be bad, as they say. It turned out even worse. I took chemistry at one of the schools Khimki. There removed the doors from the toilet stalls. We all wrote, if not worse, in the eyes of adults. The darkness.”

So that’s something. And we thought the story about how in the Penza region during the math exam the doors in the toilets of one of the schools was removed, and the organizers accompanied the graduates directly into the room and saw to it that they could not use Cribs, just a sad misunderstanding. But no. It becomes a tradition.”


And here’s another moan single mom, Inna Vetrenko found on open spaces of FB. This mom, by the way, former head of political science Department of the Omsk state:

“Yesterday, my youngest daughter wrote the last item on the exam. We are thrilled that all of this biennium, the horror is over.

The eldest was taking the exam in 2012, it was also a challenge, but over 7 years it only got worse.

I have a feeling that all public institutions are trying in this process to their own benefit and nobody thinks about the children, their psychological state, and especially about their knowledge.

School. Both daughters were educated in one of the most prestigious schools in the city of Omsk. Since the 10th grade, all the teachers and the administration worked only on coaching children on the solution and measuring materials EGE on their subjects. Eternal probes, which for some reason were explained by the fact that they need to check someone, constant pressure – you must not fail our school, we always have the best results in the city. Additional paid classes, called modules, to visit a must, regardless of whether it is child or not.

However, many teachers in the school is great, they could give the kids 1000 times more than the solution of these tests and exam to the extent possible, tried, but the system that put them in stupid rigid.

Tutors. There was a tutoring Institute in the country with its own laws, rates. My family could afford 4-5 half-hour sessions per week cost from 1,000 to 1,500 rubles each, and so two years!!! But many can’t, that’s what the beginning of social stratification, inequality, etc. with equal rights to free education. I am very grateful to the Tutors of their children, they become almost like members of the family, worried for daughters as for her, they are teachers from God, but the system is forced to move them to individual teaching individual children, and not all.

Procedure. This is a very sad song. School, where he passed the exam turned into a prison with power mode content. Children were searched by metal detector, conducted through the frame, took everything!!! The mistrust and suspicion initially hovered in the air, as in this situation to concentrate?

A classmate of my daughter, who was sick took the handkerchiefs-wipes for the nose. She asked at least one, but she said it is impossible. Girl 3 hours 50 minutes, wipe with a small cloth for eyeglasses.)))

It’s some kind of humiliation, again generated by the system and procedure of the exam.

We are told that the exam is constantly trying to improve and get better. What you can learn? What is it our children?”

Recent questions, as I understand it, is rhetorical. Answering them will not…”




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