Lynch took the long-awaited “Oscar”


This time it’s official.

The message that the legendary Director is finally still take the long-awaited award, appeared on the official website of the Academy award.

The award “For outstanding contribution to cinema” will be held on October 27.

David Lynch was thrice nominated for “Oscar” in 1981, 1987 and 2002 for best Director with the film “the elephant Man”, “Blue velvet”, “Mulholland Drive”, but with the prize from the audience never left.

During the long years of his career Lynch was a participant in almost all international film festivals.

At the time, the newspaper “the guardian” awarded him the status of “the most important Director of the era”, portal Twitter. — “a Renaissance man in contemporary American cinema” and let’s not forget that in addition, the Director is the First popular surrealist. Yet from this place, no one moved.

Among the most intriguing of his works is the series “twin Peaks” third season which Lynch released 25 years after the end of the second season.

One of the most famous and at the same time the best works of Lynch was the painting “Mulholland drive”, a true masterpiece, which boasted the author.

Very versatile and frightening picture, as, indeed, everything that makes the wizard.

The first two nominations for “Oscar” for best Director and best adapted screenplay — Lynch received for the film “the elephant Man” with uncharacteristic David rectilinear plot.

Another famous Director was the film “lost Highway”, which caused in its time a wave of criticism and indignation, particularly from the press.

In 2017 to a large fortune fans Lynch returned to artistic photography and decided to shoot the final season of “twin peaks”. The main condition, which had to fulfill the producers became unlimited budget and consent to any madness Lynch.

The investment paid for itself in full measure, and the Director grabbed himself another batch of fans and admirers.

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