Noize MC turned to the public Prosecutor from-for beatings of visitors hip-hop festival


Musician Noize MC turned to the Prosecutor because of the actions of the police and Regardie at the festival of Hip-Hop Mayday on 1 may 2019, according to the Telegram-channel “Protection Cards”.

Ivan Alekseev (real name Noize MC) was asked to establish the reasons why law enforcement agencies blocked the passage to the free city festival, and to check the actions of employees. He also demanded to carry out explanatory work with employees and remind them of the inadmissibility of the abuse of authority.

Earlier, the representative of Regardie Valery Gribakin said the actions of security forces adequate to the situation: “the violation of any laws — criminal, or administrative, we will respond using the necessary tools. For their restraint and arrest those persons who violate the law. As for the tactics of the action at this festival, believe me, the response is not adequate”.

On may 1 a festival of Hip-Hop Mayday in Moscow clashed with the staff of Regardie that blocked the passage and began to drive people away because of the influx of visitors. As a result, according to media reports, dozens of people were injured.

Subsequently, the student of the Higher school of Economics Maxim Sidorenko appealed to the Investigative Committee demanding to start a criminal case against police who beat him with a baton.

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