Poroshenko urgently takes out things


Ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was suspected of destroying evidence in connection with excitation in its relation of the number of criminal cases. So suspicious is the online Elise Journal, noting, with reference to its sources, that of the sports-entertaining club “5 element”, as well as an office in the center of the Ukrainian capital urgently flow out of the property of the former President.

Sources say that the loading involved the security personnel and the staff, while the work does not stop even at night. This gives reason to assume that the former Ukrainian leader is preparing to sweep away all the evidence that can be used against him.

“I appeal to the representatives of the security service and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine with an urgent request to prevent the destruction of evidence of crime gr. Poroshenko,” writes Elise’s Journal.

The source also recalls that Ukraine is returned to the ex-Governor of Odessa Mikhail Saakashvili, who can also be a witness against Petro Poroshenko and to make matters worse ex-President.

At the moment, according to Elise Journal, the politician on his address in the village of Kozyn lives, as there announced searches.

We will remind, earlier in mass media reported the removal of the property from the presidential Administration. Later it became known that the missing chairs that were in the situation room of the presidential office on Bankova street. Soon, however, the furniture was discovered.


There was a part of the furniture in the new office of the former President of Ukraine, as reported on page in Facebook the user Andriy Kapustin, adding appropriate pictures. The chairs are really very similar to the ones that disappeared from the office a residence on Bankova street.

“Here you have three pictures. Photo No. 1 situation room in the AP before the kind of “managed” leaving a team of marauders, Poroshenko… In photo number two to a new den Poroshenko, where he holds meetings and has been a breakthrough in BP… As you can see, the chairs are the same,” wrote Kapustin.

However, as note the Ukrainian mass media, despite the fact that the furniture is really very similar, reliably say that we are talking about the same chairs, it is still not possible.

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