Why building the “temple on the blood” in E-Burg was… godless


Especially take the word “temple” in quotes because nobody knows what’s really going to stick in the square near the Drama theatre.

May temple born in Alexandria, Martyr girl Catherine. Maybe specbatal for VIP guests of the city and region with very different joys.

If the building is legal, all the Snips on the fence at the gate must appear that such a “Passport of the construction”.

Why in E-Burg? Then all the people saw at once what the object who is the customer and the contractor, who said. And phone numbers for the curious.

However, over the 10 days of confrontation between defenders of the Park with the Governor Kuyvashev, the mayor of the city Wysokinski, the local diocese and the whole top of the ROC, the police, the Riot police one of the public a passport is not submitted.

Why? Because even Volodin understands the construction of the Church of remakes in our secular state, and with the participation of the authorities, is illegal and unconstitutional.

Therefore, for the beating of the youth authority threw some thugs with tattoos of criminals whose they were approved by Mr. Sands.

Well, show me a passport if you have one. You will still push your “temple on the blood” in other neighborhoods of the city.

Although never explained, why and who cares. God it still will not. Riot police with batons, the blood of the defenders of the Park you already have defiled it.

And the Holy GreatMartyress Catherine nobody will look there – do not expect. Read her biography and you will understand why. She is a victim of violence.

Not funny? The head of a secular state is connected to push his next “supermarket for the sale of faith in God”, and why, and who needs to keep quiet.

Even Patriarch Kirill said nothing. Why? Although the answer already sounded again: not for the sake of faith in God, not believers put the Church replica. for the sake of kickbacks, even in the capital city. Otherwise it is simply impossible.

Gubernator without the consent of the godless Kremlin, the construction will begin. Especially when you have as in Moscow and the Moscow region, to spend the taxpayers ‘ money…

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