In St. Petersburg there was a poster with Beglov. “Loves itself, and to disperse the rallies”


In Saint-Petersburg on Nevsky prospect, there was a poster in the style of an advertisement delivery service Delivery Club, which shows the acting Governor Alexander Beglov. In the caption, the official said that he “loves himself and to disperse the rallies, afraid of criticism”. This was reported in Facebook traffic.

Earlier on Nevsky prospect was seen the same poster with a photograph of the member of the legislative Assembly Maxim Reznik. The inscription on the poster reads that the MP use soft drugs. Maxim Reznik believes that the way local authorities are trying to distract him from the campaign.

Elections of the Governor of St.-Petersburg scheduled for September 8. About his participation in them, said Vladimir Bortko (“Communist”), Mikhail Amosov (the former head of Yabloko in St. Petersburg), Boris Vishnevsky (Yabloko), green Branski (“Beautiful Petersburg”), acting Governor Alexander Beglov, a former Ombudsman of Saint-Petersburg Igor Mihajlov.

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