The Cabinet supported the law on liability for insult voters


The RF government Commission on legislative activities did not support the bill state Duma deputies from the Communist party, which proposed to introduce penalties for officials for insulting the voters, writes TASS.

“The government of the Russian Federation the bill is not supported”, – stated in the draft official opinion of the Cabinet of Ministers adopted at the meeting of the Commission.

The document notes that the article 5.61 of the Code of administrative offences (“Insulting”) “already contains the offense, the object of which are public relations related guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation the right of citizens to protection of honor and dignity.”

“In this regard, the introduction of a special administrative offense, envisaging measures of administrative responsibility for insulting citizens who have active suffrage seemed excessive,” said the Commission.

In addition, the proposed in the bill the wording “public denial of the duty of the state to create conditions for a dignified life and free development of man” does not meet “the requirements of formal certainty, clarity and unambiguous law, which may lead to ambiguous interpretation and, as a consequence, arbitrary enforcement of the design article of the administrative code”, – stated in the conclusion of the government Commission.

This bill in February submitted to the state Duma deputies Sergei Kazankov and Nikolai Kolomeitsev. According to the explanatory Memorandum, an insult to the voters should be considered “public expression by an official holding government or municipal jobs, or being on state or municipal service, the obvious disrespect for the citizens of the Russian Federation and (or) public denial of the duty of the state to create conditions for a dignified life and free development of man.”

In confirmation of the relevance of its initiative, the Communists cited the statements of former Sverdlovsk official Olga Glatskikh, saying that the state “did not ask parents to give birth,” the words of the former Minister of employment, labour and migration of Saratov region Natalia Sokolova, was dismissed due to “recommendations” that you need to buy in order to meet the monthly minimum subsistence level, and others.


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